About Tokushou

Recycle Resources
for the Future

Resource recycling business with social contribution

Recycling of non-ferrous metals is indispensable in modern times to attain an environment-oriented resource recycling society. Tokushou employees aim to accomplish a new environmental vision that facilitates the domestic economy and return it to economic growth. All the members are working together on a daily basis.

Message from the

Utilize accumulated knowledge for modern society

Celebrating the 53rd anniversary of our founding,
we will utilize the knowledge we have accumulated so far to contribute to society. We would like to make efforts that suit the times from now on.

Company Profile

Company Name
Tokushou Co., Ltd.
3-3-5 Minamicho, Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture
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Establishment Date
Business content
Purchase of metal non-ferrous special metals
Purchase of various industrial construction machinery
Bankruptcy trust property purchase / Clear delivery
Purchase of antiques
Disposal and collection of outdated items
Various dismantling and removal works