What We buy

See the items that can and cannot be purchased by our company below.

Iron scrap Non-ferrous metal scrap Special metal Other miscellaneous goods

Iron scrap

Cutter material

It needs to be cut with a cutter.

Gas cutting material

It is impossible to cut with a cutter.

Steel plate scraps

Chips and punched chips generated when manufacturing steel sheet processed parts.

Heavy iron scrap

Shutter wire mesh fence, steel furniture, drum duct, tinplate, galvanized iron, corrugated iron wire, etc.


A metal mold made for mass production of products.

Cast iron

It corresponds to cast iron pipes, etc. mainly used for water.

Dalai powder

Chips and chips generated when manufacturing screw machine parts, etc.

Office supplies

Corresponds to steel locker, shelves, desks, etc.

Non-ferrous metal scrap


Kitchen sinks, bathtubs that do not have insulation.


Corresponds to copper pipe, copper wire, copper plate, etc.


It is a lead pipe used for front and back of water meters and underfloor water supply pipes.

With aluminum screw

Such as window fittings, iron screws and resin. It will be of higher value if stains/dirt do not remain.

Miscellaneous lines

It is a VA wire with a low proportion of copper used for electrical work etc.


If the copper content is high, the value increases.


Used in water supply facilities such as water meter valves.


Used for water supply equipment related tools, daily necessities, etc.

Middle plating

It is used as a faucet fitting for taps and faucets

AL Gala

Aluminum products have attachments such as iron, plastic, etc., but those with less adhesion will have a higher value.

AL alloy

It is often used for machine parts, etc.


Items without iron will have higher value.

Special metal


After checking the product, the price will be estimated for purchase.


After checking the product, the price will be estimated for purchase.

Phosphor bronze

After checking the product, the price will be estimated for purchase.


Industrial products

Corresponds to large industrial machinery.

Water heater

Corresponds to small household water heaters, etc.


Corresponds to industrial motors, power motors, etc.

Items that cannot be purchased

Hazardous material
(Cylinder LP gas, etc.))

Printing press rollers
(Galvanized body)

Vending machine
(Heat and cold type)

Commercial refrigerator

Battery wood chips /
Gas cylinder rubbers


Copy machine

Fluorescent light


Glass /Plastic

Concrete gala /